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Tat Deng & Wei Yen

When we were comparing between wedding planners, I remember Agnes had the hardest task as we set the appointment in a very loud and noisy place. However, despite the distractions, Agnes manage to impress us with her professionalism and what she can do for us.From the moment we hired her she has made my wife feel safe and secure, helping us with options which were presented to us in a very proper manner with the pros and cons to every decision we would make.

On top of that, more importantly, through this journey with Agnes and Prep she has manage to become a personal friend to me and my wife and that is hard to find. Someone who cares for the execution of your wedding to the tiniest of detail that you know everything will be fine when Agnes and her team was around.She has delivered above expectations that when we went for our photo shoot in Australia, it was a no brainer to bring her along as well and we were glad that we did. Even from accommodation, to making sure everything happens on time and coordination was done to the finest detail.As a groom, when I notice something amiss or something that I want to double check with the vendors she would also assist me immediately. Even at ungodly hours.All in all I am glad we chose Agnes and her team and I am glad that we found a lifetime friend.

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