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Prep is all about personalization, style and detail.

Passion is our Key! Loving what we do is essential so you can expect the extraordinary.

The Prep team holds unique skills in conceptual planning so we have got all the bases of your requests covered when it comes to your special event.

Our goal is to achieve the finest experience for our client, from initial planning to the last cheer of your event.

What Makes Us Different

We sincerely care and we love what we do. We are here to connect with every client and every vendor on a level that is deeper than a checklist, we will feel like family. Creating an amazing memorable day isn’t just about one piece or moment, it’s about the entire feel.

And for us, we want that feel to start from the moment you reach out. From being your strongest ally to your biggest cheerleader, your best advice giver and your more efficient assistant – we take so much pride in what we do and it’s because we really do.

What Makes Us Different

We sincerely care and we love what we do. We are here to connect with every client and every vendor on a level that is deeper than a checklist, we will feel like family. Creating an amazing memorable day isn’t just about one piece or moment, it’s about the entire feel.

And for us, we want that feel to start from the moment you reach out. From being your strongest ally to your biggest cheerleader, your best advice giver and your more efficient assistant – we take so much pride in what we do and it’s because we really do.

Our Team

Our team is a dynamic group of talented individuals who share a common goal of achieving excellence in everything we do. We believe that collaboration, creativity, and a positive work environment are the keys to success. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we come together to form a cohesive unit, leveraging our strengths to deliver outstanding results. Get to know the individuals who make up our team and discover how we work together to accomplish our objectives.

Meet Our Team

A dedicated wedding planner with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With years of experience in the industry, I have developed an eye for detail and a talent for crafting personalized weddings that reflect the unique style and personality of each client. From the initial consultation to the final send-off, I will work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is executed smoothly. With her expertise and commitment to excellence,you can relax and enjoy your special day knowing that everything is taken care of. - Sabrina

As an assistant of wedding planner, my heartfelt mission revolves around curating indelible moments, where dreams materialize into cherished realities, consistently surpassing all expectations. - Grayson

Over the course of an enchanting year alongside Team Prep, I have had the privilege of orchestrating numerous unforgettable wedding events, each a testament to love's splendor. Moreover, the boundless delight derived from collaborating with my extraordinary colleagues at Team Prep has truly been an exquisite joy. - Keng Yao

Weddings, the epitome of love and joy, stand as enchanting celebrations that weave together the very essence of human connections and the unifying force of love. They symbolize hope, casting a radiant light upon the newlyweds' path, promising a future brimming with happiness and fulfillment. As wedding planner, my heart is aflame with an unwavering devotion to crafting indelible moments that will forever dance in the hearts of the couples I have the honor to serve. - Shi Jing

My journey into the enchanting world of wedding planning unfurled like a blossoming love story when I crossed paths with Prep by Agnes. This extraordinary experience bestowed upon me invaluable insights into the intricacies of orchestrating the perfect celebration of love. Witnessing couples embark on their transformative journey has been an absolute privilege, a waltz of joy and gratitude intertwined in every step. Each moment along this odyssey is an emotional symphony, and I am deeply grateful to be a cherished part of Prep by Agnes, enveloped in the euphoria of these cherished moments, shared with every radiant couple. - Zac

For a splendid decade, I have been immersed in the brilliance of Prep by Agnes, a kaleidoscope of all-encompassing expertise, unwavering positivity, and endless rays of sunshine. In the grand tapestry of life, weddings stand as the pinnacle, the crowning jewel of significance and importance. Let us unite in celebration, embracing the profound privilege of cherishing these moments with our exceptional service, ensuring love's grandeur shines bright for all eternity. - Jesse Gan

In the realm of reverie, a dream wedding unfolds as an enchanting spectacle set amidst a mesmerizing location. The bride, resplendent in her bespoke gown, graces an aisle adorned with a symphony of fragrant blooms, captivating all who bear witness. Emotions soar as heartfelt vows and a tender exchange of rings cast a spell of romance upon the enchanted gathering. A sumptuous reception ensues, an opulent tapestry of delectable cuisine, melodic harmonies, and delightful surprises, weaving together unforgettable moments, etching cherished memories in the hearts of the couple and their delighted guests. - Xue Yee

It brings me immense joy to share that I am now an integral part of the enchanting realm of wedding planning, where I have gracefully woven the dreams of countless couples into captivating realities for the past three remarkable years. This wondrous journey has gifted me profound insights into the profound essence of love—a force that unites souls, transcends obstacles, and heralds the dawn of a shared destiny. In the tapestry of weddings, beyond the mere fusion of hearts, lies a resolute commitment to navigate the uncharted waters of life hand-in-hand, devotedly crafting a future brimming with utmost care and happiness for their cherished ones. - Ying Wei

A Business Developer by day in the recruitment industry and a wedding coordinator by night. Enjoys the nature and love having to be involved in floral themes wedding, loves traveling and animals on a side. Assisting Prep by Agnes forging once in a lifetime experience for each unique newly weds, no two weddings are the same, let us help you celebrate your milestone and create a memorable experience. - James

Meet The Founder –

Agnes Chang

A great problem solver and a vivacious lady that is adored by her clients. Agnes is a wedding expert who possesses more than 16 years experience working as a wedding planner. She honed her skills working with 6 years of 5-star hotels to finally owning her own wedding business. Her well-known talents will transform your ideas into unforgettable moments with gorgeous details that will make your special event distinctive and unforgettable.

With her team of experienced members, she will flawlessly organize and execute your plans to provide a hassle-free night so you and your guests will have a splendid time celebrating your day.

I love my job as a wedding planner. The fun part is I get to inspire brides and grooms with the impressive details to make their dream wedding come true. It's not all rainbows and sunshine but it's truly my passion and everyday I continue to grow as a planner. My favourite part about being a wedding planner is creating lasting memories and forging new friendships with the couples I work with! ~ By Agnes

Our Services

Wedding Planning & Coordination –

Wedding Planning & Coordination

Welcome to PREP, where we specialize in creating unforgettable moments. With our meticulous attention to detail and passion for crafting extraordinary weddings, we are here to turn your dream into a breathtaking reality.

 From personalized consultations to seamless day-of coordination, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that every aspect of your special day is meticulously planned and executed to perfection. 

Trust us to curate an experience that reflects your unique love story. Let us handle the details while you focus on creating cherished memories.

Wedding Theme Conceptualization -

Wedding Theme Conceptualization

We specialize in transforming your wedding vision into a breathtaking visual experience. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, our team of expert stylists is dedicated to curating a wedding design that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests. 

From elegant and timeless to modern and avant-garde,we are here to elevate your wedding to new heights of beauty and sophistication.

Corporate Event -

Corporate Event

Besides Wedding,  we are able creating unforgettable experiences that elevate your business gatherings. With a keen understanding of corporate culture and a passion for flawless execution, our team of expert event planners is committed to designing and orchestrating events that leave a lasting impact. 

Whether you’re hosting a conference, gala dinner, product launch, or team-building retreat, we are here to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

Special Occasion -

Special Occasion

Curating an unforgettable moments that celebrate life’s milestones. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a wedding proposal, an anniversary celebration, or any other significant event, our team of dedicated professionals is here to transform your vision into a reality. 

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating magical experiences, we are committed to crafting special occasions that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Customer Review

Johnathan & Michelle

First and foremost, we would like to give a huge shout out to Agnes, Jess, Sabrina and the rest of the Prep team who worked tirelessly with the vendors to ensure that both wedding celebrations in Penang and KL were well beyond our expectations. Thank you for making the wedding journey a truly memorable one. We sincerely wish the Prep team all the best and would highly recommend them to couples who are starting their wedding journey. 😊👍🏻

JC & Eve

Hi Agnes,
As 2019 came to a close and I reflect on the year, I realised that a substantial amount of time was spent planning the wedding. Jia Chen and I wouldn’t have had such a beautiful wedding(s) without your support throughout the year.
You are always attentive and detailed even when you have multiple weddings to handle at any point in time. You go out of your way to enquire with hotel and various vendors to accommodate to our unending requests which may or may not be out of the norm. You always do your best to source for vendors that will cater to our needs rather than getting us to settle for vendors that are convenient for you.
We were already super pleased with how you helped us with the wedding planning. But… you and your team blew our feet off on the actual day(s). You and your team organised everything so well that we could just truly enjoy the day. I’ve never felt so honoured before to be treated like a princess all day. All our needs and wants on the day were met in ways we could not have imagined.
We are so pleased that your perfect service doesn’t only end when the wedding ends, you have been so meticulous and you follow through all the way till all payments are settled and all photos are received!
Truly a memorable wedding and it was only possible thanks to you and your team. Keep up the good work and I hope your wishes and plans for 2020 will be accomplished! Thank you very much Agnes!

Arjun Sivanesan & Julie Van Nuffel

Dear Agnes, thank you so much for making our special day such a beautiful one. Everything was just as we had dreamt it. I hear many brides don’t enjoy their wedding day because of stress and fatigue. I enjoyed ours tremendously because you did such a great job. I didn’t need to worry about one thing because you had it all under control. It was the wedding of my dreams thanks to you and your team. THANK YOU!

Chris & Lynn

From the day I met Agnes, I knew I had to engage her. She has an eye for detail, has excellent taste, uber

creative, & extremely efficient. She was very accommodating & gave me room to do some DIY-ing as I wanted to be part of the decorating as well. Throughout the planning stage, she was very responsive and she is an incredible multi-tasker! Every time I texted her about my wedding, she knew exactly what was going on, despite juggling other weddings & events simultaneous. Me being a micro-manager by nature, I shocked myself by literally handing everything to Agnes & trusted her with my wedding. I did not have an ounce of worry. True enough, she blew my mind on the wedding day. Everything she designed just came together so beautifully and it took my breath away on the wedding day. It was far greater than anything I could ever imagine. Till today, I still look back in disbelief that that was my wedding. Brides, you only have 1 wedding day, enjoy it to the fullest, leave the coordinating & decorating to the professionals.

Naliny Lim and Andreas Hogberg

Dear Agnes and the team from Prep, I do not know how to thank you enough to make me and Andreas’ big night so wonderful. Thanks for being there from the beginning of planning until the big night, running around fixing things for us. We loved the decoration of the cocktail bar, you and team made the decorations so personal and nice by using our pictures around the cocktail bar. I am regretting for not taking pictures of the decoration arrangements done by you all that night, nice memory to keep. Thanks for taking away most of the responsibilities from me on the planning and organizing the beautiful wedding reception. We are very grateful to you and the team. Keep up the good work!

Tat Deng & Wei Yen

When we were comparing between wedding planners, I remember Agnes had the hardest task as we set the appointment in a very loud and noisy place. However, despite the distractions, Agnes manage to impress us with her professionalism and what she can do for us.From the moment we hired her she has made my wife feel safe and secure, helping us with options which were presented to us in a very proper manner with the pros and cons to every decision we would make.

On top of that, more importantly, through this journey with Agnes and Prep she has manage to become a personal friend to me and my wife and that is hard to find. Someone who cares for the execution of your wedding to the tiniest of detail that you know everything will be fine when Agnes and her team was around.She has delivered above expectations that when we went for our photo shoot in Australia, it was a no brainer to bring her along as well and we were glad that we did. Even from accommodation, to making sure everything happens on time and coordination was done to the finest detail.As a groom, when I notice something amiss or something that I want to double check with the vendors she would also assist me immediately. Even at ungodly hours.All in all I am glad we chose Agnes and her team and I am glad that we found a lifetime friend.

Jessie & CS

Thank you so much to Agnes and her team for making our night super fun ! Agnes is always ready to listen and no matter what last minute arrangements we have, she will try to accommodate whilst keeping the schedule in track. We both enjoyed our night completely as we know we are in good hands ! Having a full time wedding planner ensures your event will be a great success and especially for events like weddings, there is only one take in your lifetime. If you are hesitating which planner to get, look no further, Agnes is the well experienced planner for you

Will definately miss preping with Agnes !

CK and Evon

We only spent one and half month for our wedding preparation and this is unable to be done without the support from Prep team.It was unfortunate that we met the typhoon day for our garden wedding. It’s not easy but very much appreciate that Prep team had tried their best to provide all possible solutions that could make this happened. Guest what, we had the most wonderful night in our lives. Everything was pretty and amazing. Thank you for being supportive throughout the events and we cant do this without you guys.

Xie xie ni men!

From #ckforevon

Wymun & Blake

Having had our wedding postponed twice due to covid, Agnes and her team remained professional throughout the 2 years we had her engaged as our wedding coordinator and even gave us extended guidance and support to ensure that we were able to have our dream wedding despite the covid constraints. Agnes’s pleasant and honest approach made things very easy for uson the night of the event, Agnes and her team were extremely helpful and made sure we were able to thoroughly enjoy our wedding night with our guests. We are really proud for the wedding dinner that we were able to have despite the postponements and are very grateful for the professional yet personal service of Agnes and her team. I’d highly recommend that whomever getting married to engage PREP.


Benjamin & Alvena

Throughout the wedding planning journey, Agnes was very patient and supportive in helping us decide and plan our ideal wedding. My wife and I went back and forth a few times on deciding between a large wedding and a small one and I found that Agnes added a lot of value in helping us understand all the different options available to us and also helping us negotiate and manage vendors. The final outcome was really positive and we had a very intimate and successful wedding – a large part of that was due to Agnes’ help and support.


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