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Chris & Lynn

From the day I met Agnes, I knew I had to engage her. She has an eye for detail, has excellent taste, uber

creative, & extremely efficient. She was very accommodating & gave me room to do some DIY-ing as I wanted to be part of the decorating as well. Throughout the planning stage, she was very responsive and she is an incredible multi-tasker! Every time I texted her about my wedding, she knew exactly what was going on, despite juggling other weddings & events simultaneous. Me being a micro-manager by nature, I shocked myself by literally handing everything to Agnes & trusted her with my wedding. I did not have an ounce of worry. True enough, she blew my mind on the wedding day. Everything she designed just came together so beautifully and it took my breath away on the wedding day. It was far greater than anything I could ever imagine. Till today, I still look back in disbelief that that was my wedding. Brides, you only have 1 wedding day, enjoy it to the fullest, leave the coordinating & decorating to the professionals.

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